Acme Concord Corp. is offering a complete compressed air quality test program (performed by a factory trained specialist) to identify contamination areas in a compressed air system in order to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Experience shows that compressed air quality has a direct effect on operational costs – costs that can be reduced or eliminated.  This test program identifies the areas in a compressed air system that have contamination issues critical to the operations of the facility.

Service provided:

  • Quick, non-disruptive analysis of the quality of compressed air systems with highly accurate instrumentation
  • Determine compressed air contaminate levels at end use points – particle detection to 0.5 microns in size
  • Measure moisture (dew point) content of compressed air in critical areas
  • Easy to read summary report which can be used to target and prioritize critical areas requiring improvements

Value provided:

  • Reduce production equipment downtime
  • Reduce excessive maintenance costs
  • Eliminate rework of product or contamination of product
  • Eliminate frequent replacement of production equipment components
  • Identify poor performing compressed air purifying equipment ( filters, separators, dryers) and in just a few minutes time, this program along with recommended solutions will save compressed air users thousands of dollars per year.

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