Environmental Stance

Acme Concord Corp. is instrumental at introducing and providing new energy saving technologies to the marketplace.  Aside from environmental impact alone, we'd also like to concurrently save the world millions of dollars annually in energy, emissions, and recycling costs.

Acme Concord Corp., and the manufacturers we represent, have long histories of environmental leadership. This is important for you and your customers to know. We believe in doing everything we can to keep the planet healthy and sustainable.

Many of our vendor partners are certified to ISO 14001. This ISO standard requires companies to commit to the prevention of pollution and continual improvement as part of the normal management cycle. The standard promotes energy savings, industrial waste reduction programs, and alters the way products are manufactured and the materials selected to make them. It’s a “cradle-to-grave” environmental doctrine that is quickly replacing old industry practices and standards.

At Acme Concord, we’re proud to keep environmental awareness and initiatives at the front of our business, and to partner with manufacturers who echo our beliefs, while continuing to bring you top-quality products at competitive prices.