Valves, vessels (tanks, receivers) and heat exchangers are integral components to any industrial facility.

Common Industrial Market Segments that these products are suitable for:

  • Oil & Gas industry
  • LNG & GTL
  • Gas transmission and distribution
  • Power industry and steam generation
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Water transmission & desalination plants
  • Mining
    • Taconite/Iron Ore/Copper concentrating/Tailings/Gold
    • Soda Ash/Borax
    • Phosphate
    • Lead
    • Cement /Lime/Limestone

Due to corrosive enviroments and fluids, as well as high temperatures, these components must be built to withstand challenging conditions and yet be robust enough to ensure effectiveness in their process.

The valve products we offer are suitable for:

  • On-Off Service in Abrasive Slurries - KnifeGate Type - NEWCON
  • On / Off or Control Service for any type of fluids in Oil & Gas, Sub-sea, Cryogenic, High Temperature and Slurry / Erosive applications
    • Side entry-bolted body, top entry and fully welded with Metal or Softseats - Ball Valves - PIBIVIESSE and VIRGO

Process piping, vessels and heat exchangers custom manufactured by LOTERIOS can be utilized in a broad spectrum of applications too vast to list!

As the various applications and enviroments are all unique in nature, we'd welcome the opportunity to work with you with full understanding of the parameters of your particular requirement.  Please contact us to get started!   

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